Zanotti Slide In WineBlock

The Zanotti Wineblock air treatment unit offers an innovative solution to the owners of natural or adapted wine cellars, creating the ideal environment to exalt the expression and unique character of your wines. The Zanotti Wineblock guarantees the care and attention that wines of high quality require to transmit new and intense emotions at each encounter.

The conservation and refinement of wine
The conservation temperature of wine is a critical element for the development and fixing of the bouquet and to assure the correct stages of maturation. Sudden temperature changes and the variations of temperature caused by the seasons shorten the life cycle of wine. Significant fluctuations of temperature can cause variations in the internal pressure of the bottle which alter the characteristics of the wine.

The hygrometric conditions, continuous aeration and the absence of vibrations are the parameters to be controlled to guarantee the best possible refinement of bottled wine. The air circulation prevents the development of moulds and a correct level of humidity allows the preservation of the cork and keeps it elastic and adherent to the neck of the bottle impeding the passage of air into the bottle.


  • Maintenance of ideal temperature by heating and cooling
  • Appropriate humidity through humidification and dehumidification
  • Permanent and constant air circulation
  • Absence of vibrations
  • Noise reduction through soundproofing of the compressor
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic air defrosting
  • Ready for use, tested and guaranteed, for small and medium sized spaces
  • The electronic control box, easy to use and already programmed, allows full control over the functionality of the machine.


Model RCV101 RCV102 RCV201 RCV202
Capacity (watts) 600w 1000w 1400w 2000w
Temp Range +10 to +20°C +10 to +20°C +10 to +20°C +10 to +20°C
Electrical V/Ph 240/1 240/1 240/1 240/1
Run  Amps 6.2A 8.4A 11.8A 13.9A
Full Load Amps 6.5A 9.0A 13.8A 16.8A
Max Amb Temp 40°C 40°C 40°C 40°C
Refrig Type R404a R404a R404a R404a
Noice Level 39dB 39dB 39dB 39dB
Weight 42kg  52 kg 77kg 79 kg